Northwest Army
Northwest Army

Northwest Army

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Stitch N Stones Northwest is a hat for soggy days, you know grey, foggy, moist conditions when you feel like hiding in a big beautiful army patterned hat. The army patterned fabric is a fabric meant for ski/snwb jacket or pants from a Åre company that no longer exist and the wool fabric on the inside is leftovers from Woolpower, Östersund.
The repurposed fabrics are handcut and re-crafted into Stitch N Stones design, locally in our own studio in Åre.
The hat is not waterproof but water repellent.

One size fits almost all, but feel free to tell us your size when you order because we make our products on pre-order and can modify the product after your size and also avoid overproduction. 

Delivery time will vary from 2-8 weeks depending on how much orders we have at the moment. Feel free to contact us to know the delivery time for the moment.