Freedom earth scarf
Freedom earth scarf

Freedom earth scarf

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This scarf is cut and sewn in our studio in Åre of our "Freedom" fabric with a zipper border and a Stitch N Stones waste leather patch. Use it as a headband around your head, a scarf around your neck or an accessorie on your bag, endless possibilities on this one! 

The fabrics pattern is designed by us for the love of nature and Jämtland, where we live and enjoy the forests, mountains and waters with great respect for mother earth. It is handprinted by Frösö Handtryck, one of Sweden's few remaining hand screenprinters, established 1946. Printing fabric by hand is a process that requires patience, calm and precision. And that my friends you can find in the well experienced printmaster's hands at Frösö Handtryck.

  • Material: Half linen 
  • Hand wash only
  • One size, about 80cm